Business Level 3 Unit 29 M1

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1 Town Centres: These are one of the oldest forms of retail. These are small stores normally centred around a high street where there could be a market. An Advantage of Town Centres they are normally close to home so they can act as convenience stores. They can also act as meeting places for friends as a Town Centre is in the middle of a town so would be a good meeting place. This is why Places like Costa Coffee may choose to open here as a lot of people like to have a drink with friends when they catch-up. Town centres these days also have a lot of charity shops in the area this is because the goods they sell are normally cheaper than other stores. Out of Town Centres, Out of Town Sites and Factory outlets this would be one of the cheapest places to open a new store. 2 Supermarkets: These are large stores that sell a variety of goods mostly food and drink the everyday items but they sell them in one big self-service shop. For example Tesco or ASDA. Median sized supermarkets can be sited near town centres or large ones can be sited near the edge of housing estates. They choose to open here as people need food and drink every day so having a convenience store near a housing estate is profitable. Supermarkets sell a lot items in one place it makes shopping very easy so the need to go to different stores lessened so because of this small town centre stores are getting less and less business this is causing more and more of these stores to close down. Some superstores for example ASDA have a clothing section and in this case a large part of that is for school uniform. Unlike Out of town sites that sell specialist items and are far from residential areas supermarkets sell everyday items and try to be as close as possible to residential areas. 3 Out of town sites: These are usually small stores in one big building like a shopping mall. For Example BlueWater. They have

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