Mt435 Unit Eight Essay

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Introduction Albatross Anchor is a family business that was started in 1976. They manufacture two different types of anchors and sell them at the wholesale level. Albatross Anchor employs approximately 130 people. Their prices are pretty comparable to their competitors but their profit margin is much less. Their plant is antiquated, worn, dirty, and technologically deprived and it does not even meet safety and environmental standards. Question one Challenge one: The first recommendation would be to time management. There is a large problem within the production facility. There is a delay of 36 hours when Albatross Anchor switches from the manufacturing of one product to the next. There is also a delay when raw materials are received and when finished products are being shipped. The problem arises from the raw materials and finished goods sitting idle in the warehouse. The other problem is that manufacturing delay. One thing that would assist Albatross Anchor with this issue is to move the shipping and receiving areas to the same location. The second suggestion that would prevent such long delays would be to create a second manufacturing area. If Albatross Anchor were able to manufacture both products simultaneously, there would be no delay which would save time and money. Challenge two: The next recommendation would be to performance management. This also relates to time management explained above. When there is a delay in how efficient the company’s production can be, that will also diminish the performance of the manufacturing process. In addition to the recommendations that have been made above, I believe that the administrative offices should be updated and organized in a way that would increase efficiency in the administrative side of the company. Albatross Anchor should review their accounting system to determine if it is using software that is going

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