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OTISLINE CASE ANALYSIS Q1. What might be the motivation for Otis to launch this project? The following are the reasons identified as the major motivations to launch the OTISLINE project -:  High profits in service Industry Service contracts were sought after as these accounted for high profits. The service market was a stable market. Otis, thus, decided to focus on the way it delivered service and the qualitative aspects of service. Increased efficiency in handling customer requests The new system could accept customer requests for elevator maintenance during nonworking hours. Also, Otis was previously using commercial answering services and it felt that these centres had little incentive to be more efficient in forwarding requests, which in turn impacted responsiveness. Centralised record maintenance of past service The senior management came to know of excess call-backs only if the customer complained; this led to customer dissatisfaction and poor identification of specific and high priority customer requests. The new system could rectify these issues. Means to new sales The quality of service provided would serve as feedback into the new sales that the company would make. Reinforce position as market leader OTISLINE would signal adoption of IT practices by the market leader and thus create a paradigm shift in the industry.     Q2. Analyse the risk and benefits of this project? The launch of OTISLINE impacted firm’s strategy, business processes and its IT infrastructure. OTIS recognised that the success of the firm was dependent on the reliability and quality of both its products and services. Service provided by the firm was a very important yardstick used by the customers and it affected OTIS revenue figures directly. Launch of OTISLINE brought in several benefits to the firm. The following are some of them –:   It helped OTIS position
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