Apple Watch Consumer Behavior: How Poeple Make Buing Decisions

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Apple Watch Consumer Behavior: How People Make Buying Decisions Week 3 Writing Assignment MRKT 310 Marketing Principles Professor Date Consumer Behavior Model: Environmental Factors Two of the most important environmental factors to Apple watch are the Communication and Technology. ‘Communication’ focuses on educating consumers and provides critical insights about Apple Watch that the consumer didn’t know they had a need for. The environmental factor of communication plays a significant role in stimulating the cognitive knowledge, provided meaning and believes about the Apple Watch. The consumer integration process is very valuable for Apple to understand how the consumer interprets and receives Apple Watch’s marketing strategies, not just the product. The other environmental factor: ‘Technology’ is a significant tool for Apple to reach out to its costumers. Apple’s philosophy is not to engage in market researches and solely relies on providing a great product, but then how does Apple engage with it’s customers and applies it’s marketing strategy? Steve Job’s was cited, “It isn’t not the consumer’s job to know what they want. It is difficult for a consumer to tell you what they want when they have never seen anything remotely like this” (Guru Nanak Institution of Management, 2015). Apple success results from iTunes, once the customer is logged on, Apple accesses significant information of consumer’s behavior and purchasing habits. The company furthermore possesses the rare ability to analyze the data to gain valuable insights about what will captivate the consumer before the consumer knows what’s going to captivate them (Zoeller, 2015). Consumer Behavior Model: Consumer factors The three most important consumer factors are Social: Family and Reference Group, and Psychological: Perception. The family is the most influential
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