Apple Computer: Research How Apple Managed to Reinvent Itself over the Years.

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Apple Computer: Research how Apple managed to reinvent itself over the years. When it comes to innovation there are few companies that can stand next to Apple. Love them or hate them no one can deny their impact on the technology field. In 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dropped out of college and developed a computer (Apple 1) in their garage. Aside from the Apple 1 being the beginning of personnel computing the two innovators were able to capitalize on the fact that they were nobodies from nowhere and managed to intrigue the world with their product. They were viewed as a couple of guys that new computers and what they wanted form them. (1) Apple was initially incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. The company later changed the name to just Apple, Inc, in a move widely regarded as an indicator of the companies intentional shift to consumer electronics and not just computers. (2) The culture developed by the founders especially CEO Steve Jobs, could be defined as controlled dreamers, officially they thought of themselves as "Dreamers and Believers". A good example of the controlled part of that statement is best illustrated by Apple's universally acclaimed practices (3) a) Accountability - everyone is accountable for their actions. b) Hire the best - experts who can work as part of a cross-functional team c) Consistency - Simple products, intuitive and engaging d) Excellence above revenues - back the customer from beginning to end, revenue will naturally follow e) Treat employees well – loyalty is generated when the employee feels that the company cares about them. Two ways Apple attempted to accomplish this it through the Pioneering telecommuting and nap rooms. Apple’s culture went through three distinct phases, growing with Jobs, Live without jobs, and look out jobs is back. 1) Apple under CEO Steve Jobs had a reputation of pushing

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