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Assignment 1 Creativity and Innovation, ‘Personal Characteristic’. According to Rhode’s 4Ps personal characteristic, the most important output would be under the ‘Person’, being the person as individual will be the fundamental era and the start of every success in creating or beginning a journey that will count towards the remaining of the 4Ps in theory. For example late co-founder and CEO of Apple product Steve Job and Wozniac has inspirational drive that could not be deterred by failures or concerns, Steve’s ideas became part of global drive for the success of the company which lead to global recognition in demand arguable because how inspired to the world he is as the marketer brand of the largely well-structured company to be, so through that the process of apple became a living dream with the first launching of its first ever product like the IPod, IPhone, IPad, ITunes and IClouds. Despite the hardship behind his innovations finding for the core objective of his creative innovation, he managed to live the dream to the fullest. Job’s contribution to the company is the innovation which took place in the day light of booming technology worldwide and that has made him to think outside the box in a short period of time, questioning and analyzing the outcome success and failures that hold the key of his innovation idea. Apple became a press in a matter of a short time all of that because he is a person with ideas, a person with inspiration for innovation and initiative. His mind was on track finding ways to make the product hit the market hard and not to fail, that is a true creative individual to me. Rhodes describe the term ‘Person’, which I’m using in my essay is about personality, intellect, temperament, physique, traits, habits, attitudes, self-concepts, value systems, defense mechanisms, and behavior. (Rhodes 1961, 307). The ‘extent to which our

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