Bus 210 Week 4 Roles And Behaviors

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Week 4 Checkpoint By Jeff Comitz Associate Level Material Appendix B Roles and Behaviors Description of Company | My fictional company would be a competitor of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and would develop a new gaming console that is capable of doing more than the current generation of consoles, and also have better graphics. My company name would be Derecho. This is a weather term for a strong wind associated with a line of thunderstorms that moves rapidly across a large area in a short amount of time. I think it would be catchy, and be a good comparison for how we want to impact our customer base. | Roles and Behaviors | Entrepreneurs | The role of the entrepreneur in my business would be to make the public aware of us as a new company, and what we offer. More than likely I would try to entice current employees of Microsoft and Sony to come work for me, to have people with a background and experience in launching a new console. I think this is important because they will have a good idea of what marketing techniques to use and which ones are have less impact. The goal is to get people to stop buying…show more content…
I think that being able to connect with your manager as an employee is important, and not having to fear their title will allow them to be more approachable by employees who may present new ideas, and ways to better service our customers. Another aspect of the manager’s job at my company would be to consistently make sure all employees were educated on our software and how it compares to our competitors. Having this knowledge will empower employees to help overcome potential objections by customers and make them a trustworthy source of information.
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