Bill Belichick, Head Coach Of The New England Patriots

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Steve Jobs is the perfect model to demonstrate the parallel between leadership and management of an organization. Jobs was a very intelligent and sharp individual. One figure in the sports industry that I would compare to Steve Jobs is Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots. Although both Belichick and Jobs carry a brash attitude that could come off as misleading, it’s not a negative attribute; they just want the best for the company/organization. Sometimes leaders have to a take hard stance to get tasks accomplished right and effectively. One of Bellichick’s primary qualities is focus. He stresses more than often to his players and coaching staff. Whether it was in 2007, when the Patriots went undefeated through…show more content…
By getting Apple to focus on making just four computers, he saved the company. Isaacson used a quote from his interview with Jobs that really hit home on the comparison between the two. “Deciding on what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” I relate this to the instances where Bill Belichick had to decide on when to get rid of players and when not to sign players because of chemistry issues and/or they aren’t a good fit for the team. A perfect example of Belichick demonstrating this was when he traded Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings. Belichick saw that Moss might’ve caused a potential chemistry problem, because Moss was in a contract year and he wanted to sign a long-term deal so that he could have job security. Because of the contract issue, Moss was sulking and not playing up to his abilities Belichick traded Moss as early as the third game of the regular season to put an end to all problems. Belichick has the distinct honor of running Football Operations and being the Head Coach for the Patriots. He will always do what’s best for the team before he gives in to one player’s request or demands. To play for Bill Belichick, one must have thick skin. There’s only one way of…show more content…
Only tolerating “A” players has made him as successful as he is today. He has turned the New England Patriots into a dynasty. Twelve division titles n fifteen years is a heck of an accomplishment, so there should be no complaining that his style of coaching has been successful. Belichick believes in breaking you down to build you back up. Although this is not the most acclaimed procedure of motivation, that’s the Belichick way. This is where the two share similar traits again. Jobs views this method of weeding out the weak and incompetent, making way for only the well-built. It is not meant to be viewed as a negative trait, but as a means of getting things done the best way. Through this method of leadership, Jobs turned Apple into the most profitable business in the world, beating out Google in 2011. He felt like it was his job to tell his employers that their ideas weren’t good enough and to go back to the drawing board, instead of beating around the bush telling them that their work is good quality. This quality is really straightforward, Jobs was just concerned with working with the best and wanted to stay away from what he called the ‘bozo explosion’. Belichick wants to work with only

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