Road the Samsung Attacks Apple

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The case study intends to describe how Samsung's aggressive marketing strategy has challenged Apple's smartphone marketing around the world. 1. How important role do Samsung and apple play in global smartphone market? Apple, Samsung, Nokia and RlM were some of the major players in the global smartphone market. ln 2010, the smartphone market was dominated mainly by Nokia (33.1%) followed by RIM (16.1%), Apple (15.7%) and Samsung (7.6). However, in 2011 Samsung was ranked as the leading smartphone vendor followed by Apple, Nokia, HTC and RIM etc. Researches had revealed that the combination of elegant hardware with software (like popular android services), systematic and widespread global distribution etc., were some of the key strategies for the growth of Samsung in the handset market especially in the smartphone segment. ln 2011, smartphones penetrated around 29% of the global handset market and was expected to increase at a higher growth rate by 2015. Analysts forecasted that the compounded annual growth rate of smartphones would be around 24.9% in 2015 and this would further account for 75.8% of the revenue of the total handset sales in the same year. Besides, experts anticipated that by 2016, smartphones would control almost 40% of the global cellphone business and the world-wide smartphone industry would ship around 653 million units of smartphone by 2016. ln the global smartphone market, Apple and Samsung were the two biggest players competing with each other to capture the major share of the high end phone market. Samsung, a South Korea based company founded in 19387 was popular for its various products like handsets, music systems, LCD Television and computer etc. 0n the other hand Apple, founded by Steve Jobs In 1976s was the leading smartphone maker of the world popular for its innovative and sleek gadgets like iPad, iPod, iPhone etc. 2. What is

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