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VERZION - SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Verizon is well known as the one of the biggest provider of wireless communication in USA. Verizon has a customer base around 50 million and is available in all the states in USA. Also, their employee base is very experienced and large from different backgrounds. Verizon offers a lot of wireless options, such as, cellular phone, mobile broadband, tablets and home phone. The various options in wireless technology found at Verizon is one of its strengths. Weaknesses A lot of their employees has reached their retirement age. Also, Verizon is trying to expand their Cable TV and home phone (Files), but many of the markets and territories are already taken by large companies (Time Warner, Cox, ATT Uverse, Comcast and more). Opportunities The wireless market is growing more and more worldwide, therefore, there are potential markets for the company to enter. Including not only local, but global, businesses, residential and government markets. Verizon can easily expand and increase their market services. Since Verizon has developed brand recognition over the years it helps to gain customer's credibility and offer new services and products in the future. Threats Wireless competition is growing in the past few years and competitors are offering lower rates, around 60% less from the whole sale price. Also, a lot of local wire and wireless companies are offering the same services. Competition is higher offering more choices to customers (available substitutes). The main reason is due to the economic recession since 2008 that lead customers to cut down their expenses and some of them reduce their telecommunication

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