Iphone vs. Blackberry

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Iphone and Blackberry Among a huge verity of devices two of them stood out despite their differences. The Blackberry and the Iphone are desired by many people all over the world. Nowadays, technology broke through every house, a one simply cannot proceed his daily routine without a smart device. People paid much interest in this manner owning smart phones in all kinds. But two phones in particular have won peoples' hearts -the iphone and the blackberry- leaving them in hesitance which to choose between the two similar yet very different devices. From my personal experience,the two devices are very alike . Both of them have an app store and and app world where you can get many applications . One main reason of the popularity of these cellphones that they emerged to the market at the same time,when there was no smart devices, and maintained the good reputation and competed at the same level. An extra credit goes for the companies behind the cellphones they produce, RIM and Apple Inc. -the creators of the devices- built their reputation and trademarks over the years by producing good quality, products and services which lead costumers loyalty . They are equally fun and easy to use . Despite their similarities , the Blackberry and the Iphone are very different . Main reason why people by Blackberry because it has its own instant messaging application (Blackberry Messenger ) . On the other hand, Iphone also has developed its own massaging application What'sApp. But people prefer the Blackberry's.The iphone has a protected software system which reduces many software problems , therefore, you can download applications only from the official app store . As for the Blackberry , It has no protection , where you can download unknown-source applications ,causing the device many software errors . The Iphone has high

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