Iphone 5s vs Galaxy S5 Compare Contrast

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iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Recently, Samsung has released its new flagship device the Galaxy S5; possibly to steal Apple’s thunder with their latest and greatest, the iPhone 5S. You can definitely gather the advantages with the Galaxy S5 feature set, but to what degree? Does the iPhone best this new flagship in other areas? There is only one way to find out. In the past Samsung has been known for problems that I like to call “feature spam” It was very apparent last year with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Samsung has developed a habit of stuffing as many gimmicky new features as into its flagship device, thinking the features will appeal to customers. While the Galaxy S5 follows the same pattern. However these features aren’t only useful, they’re awesome. Many of these features are very unique as well. The Galaxy S5 features an IR blaster, techie translation “The IR blaster acts as a remote for any TV, set top box, cable provider, etc.” The iPhone can gain these features, not without third party software/hardware combinations. You can also restrict access when giving your Galaxy S5 to a child, eliminating from dialing the Chinese police or racking up a hefty bill buying extra lives on Candy Crush. The iPhone 5S has features such as guided access to prevent someone from exiting a single app without knowing the passcode the user sets, guided access limits the device to much and isn’t very reliable .Along with the rest of the many features of the Galaxy S5 is an “ultra-power saving mode.” When enabled, this new feature cuts out the colors to black and white, limits background processes, kills background data, and restricts access to most apps. With this mode, Samsung claims your battery could last a week with this power saving mode. The Galaxy S5 still remains the best in terms of a feature packed device on a software level. In terms of hardware how does the iPhone

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