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These days, many people around the world seem to be in a competition on what phone is the best, or which phone has the coolest features. They want whatever phone is most popular at that moment. There are about 360,000 iPhone an install or buy them in the app store. Some of the apps have to be paid for but most of them are free. The social networking apps like Twitter, Facebooizes it and does what it is commanded to do. You can answer calls or give it actions to do, and it will do it. It cannot be uninstalled either. Spiel is also an accessibility that works somewhat the same as TalkBack, but it has to be installed on your phone and you can actually delete it since it’s a third-party app. It basically does the same thing as talk back. Another accessibility of the Droid is the Voice Readouts. It is very similar to TalkBack and Spiel. It also has the same actions and stuff like that. It is preinstalled on some of the Droids and it can be disabled as wished. KickBack is another feature/ accessibility. It is provided by Google on the phone. KickBack is very useful while using the touch screen. In KickBack, a vibration in the screen will go off if you’ve touched something wrong or accidently hit a wrong button. SoundBack is another accessibility that is already provided by Google. It plays a sound whenever you have performed an action on your phone. The features aren’t the only cool thing about the phone, there are also apps! Although droid may not have as much apps as iPhone, the simplicity of their apps is what catches a lot of customer’s attention. Droid phones have over 320,000 apps that you can purchase or install in the Android Market. The Droid has a preinstalled map app that gives free navigation, directions, and pretty much anything a map does. One thing that the Android/ Droid has and the iPhone does not have is the ability to tweak and change your phone around.

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