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1.0 Introduction Research In Motion or commonly abbreviated as RIM, is a Smartphone company which was first established on March 7, 1984 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada by Mihalis “Mihal” Lazaridis, or generally called Mike Lazaridis. He is the founder and co-CEO of Research In Motion along with his childhood friend who shared the same interest and hobby as Mike’s and also co-founder of Research In Motion, Doug Fregin. 1.1 History of BlackBerry Research In Motion invents their primary product in 1999, which is a two-way pager usually used by police, firefighters, and ambulance drivers. At first, the wireless device that invented by Research In Motion was not called Blackberry. The name BlackBerry was inspired from a fruit, as the device is similar to a fruit when it is saw from a distance. Moreover, the small keyboards resemble the seeds of a strawberry. That is how the word ‘berry’ is invented. Since, the early of the establishment of Research In Motion, RIM has developed many of its product from a two-way pager to a sophisticated handheld gadget nowadays. BlackBerry is popular as a QWERTY thumb-keyboard that benefits most people because of the resemblance of computer keyboard. At the beginning, BlackBerry was originally marketed to businessmen. Yet, nowadays it is not true anymore. BlackBerry is now marketed to any types of consumers. Basically, BlackBerry has the basic features similar to what an ordinary cell phone has. It can be used to make a phone call, compose and send sms. But still, BlackBerry is well known for its ability to push email, Internet surfing, and most important is the BlackBerry Messenger. 1.2 BlackBerry in Indonesia Back to several years ago, BlackBerry was not popular in Indonesia. Many Indonesian people did not even know what is BlackBerry. In addition, many Indonesian used Nokia instead of BlackBerry. It is due to the

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