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Sweet & Tasty General Purpose: To demonstrate Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to make strawberry dip. Central Idea: Being able to make strawberry dip with strawberries is messy, but is a quick and easy appetizer to put together. Introduction: Attention Catcher: Not all people can cook, but whether you can cook or not, making this strawberry dip doesn’t require much, which can be done at an ease. Listener Relevance Link: How many people like sweets as appetizers? Speaker Credibility Statement: I have always made this appetizer, and people seem to enjoy it. Central Idea: Making strawberry dip with strawberries is mess, but is a quick and easy appetizer to put together. Preview of Main Points: I am going to show…show more content…
With the equipment and ingredients, you’re ready to prepare. Steps: I am going to show you how easy it is to prepare this appetizer. The first thing you do is wash out the bowl if you like. Then, you beat the marshmellows and cream cheese together with the blender/mixer on low speed. After the ingredients have been whipped together well, you can put it in a container or plate with the table spoon. Make sure the strawberries have been washed off and sliced up if you like. Last thing, dip the strawberry in the dip and ENJOY! With that being said, I have shown you how make strawberry dip. Conclusion: Restate Central Idea: With having a mess, making strawberry dip is and quick and easy appetizer that you can enjoy. Review Main Points: I have explained the equipment and ingredients, and the steps to making strawberry dip. Clincher: After making this dip at an ease, anything is possible to eat with it. So try making it and try it with other fruits and etc. List of Visual Aids: * Bowl * Spoon * Mixer/blender * Saucers * Marshmellows * Cream Cheese *

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