Individual Life Cycle Analysis Mkt/230 Week 9

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Individual Life Cycle Management Analysis MKT/230 Apple Inc. developed and designed the iPod which is one of the most popular media players that is used by adults, teenagers and even children. After they launched the iPod they then turned to the iPhone and iTunes, which associated the “i” with Apple. Apple wanted to give the customers a way to listen to music that was easy to carry and economically feasible for all. Many customers loved to listen to music but only wanted certain songs not the whole album or CD. Based on this Apple develop iTunes which was an inexpensive but a legal way for customers to download and listen to the song they wanted. The customer now used their iPod to download from iTunes; both products were Apples so they have now cornered the market. The first phase is the introductory phase where the product is introduced into the market place. When Apple Inc. introduced…show more content…
During this stage Apple developed, updated software, new features and continued to keep the style of the iPod that made their style unique to Apple. They developed a user friendly interface, better software, hardware and even the packaging attracted customers and had them coming back for more. As David Taber said that “While everyone else was making an MP3 player that was better/cheaper/faster, Apple was making electronic jewelry that also played MP3’s. Never focusing on price, they brought to market more value, more style, and new ways of interacting with digital media.” (Weisbein, pg 1) Apple also ensured that they made the iPod more reliable by using better parts then their competitors. They also ensured they stayed ahead by updating their hardware, software, and providing newer applications for the iPod. The iPod became known worldwide and people associated the iPod with a cool person, and it was a must have

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