Compare and Contrast: Apples and Oranges

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People often use the phrase “comparing apples and oranges” to explain the vast differences between two particular things. While thinking up a topic for a compare and contrast essay I decided that would be an interesting subject. Apples and Oranges are actually very similar in many ways, though they do have their differences as well. In this essay I will explain some of the differences and similarities between these two fruits. The first and probably most obvious similarity is that they are both fruits, and quite popular fruits at that. Both apples and oranges are tasty and are good sources of vitamin C. The FDA recognizes apples and oranges as a full serving of fruit on the food pyramid. Another similarity between these is that they both grow on trees and are generally a round spherical shape with seeds in the center. They are both often packed in lunches or as snacks because they are easy to handle and can last a long time in a refrigerator before going bad. In contrast, apples are usually red or green, and oranges are surprisingly an orange color. Also, apples are crisp and generally sweet, whereas oranges are juicy and sour or tangy. Most people will eat the outer layer on an apple, but the outer layer on an orange is usually peeled off before of it is eaten. Oranges contain calcium, which helps strengthen bones, while apples contain cancer fighting antioxidants called flavenoids. Apples can grow in a variety of climates but oranges can normally only grow in tropical regions. In conclusion, apples and oranges have about as much in common as they have differences. While they are different in structure, color, taste, and mineral content, they are similar in their shape, rootage, grocery aisle, and food category. So the next time you hear someone use the phrase “like comparing apples and oranges“, tell them that

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