Almond Milk vs Soy Milk

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Soy Milk VS Almond Milk (Vanilla Flavor) In today's world it's all about being healthy and fit. To accomplish that, one of the key points is the diet. But we face a problem, there are many products that claim to be the best when it comes to dieting and confuse us. One is the milk. Many dieters say soy milk is perfect, but nevertheless there are many others who say that almond milk is the best. My intention is to compare soy milk (vanilla) versus almond milk (vanilla) and expose the strengths and weaknesses of both in order to have a better understanding at the time of purchase. All the nutritional data I’m going to use for this comparison has been obtained through ESHA, with a control of 8oz of each product. Calorically speaking, vanilla soy milk has about 150 calories versus 90 in the vanilla almond milk. For those people that count calories, almond milk has the advantage. However, in proteins soy milk has 7g versus only 1g in the almond milk. At this point both have 1 point. In the sugar and fat, both of them are around the same, but because the vanilla flavoring, sugar can be high in both. Usually is lower in almond milk. In carbohydrates is a big difference, Soy milk has about 24g and almond milk only 16g. At this point almond milk has the advantage. Now for vitamins is another story. Soy milk is richer in female friendly B vitamins, and has 10% of your folate RDA. Almond milk has 0. Soy milk has 9%of your daily potassium which is about 320mg, almond milk only has 180mg. Soy milk gives you 10% of the magnesium you need for the entire day and also has 76% less sodium than almond milk. But almond milk has 20% of your daily calcium. Now we can see that soy milk is richer in vitamins that almond milk. Now is time to compare taste and texture. Almond milk even without the vanilla often tastes sweeter than soy milk and has a consistency similar to low fat

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