Taste Test Splenda vs Sugar

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Taste Test: Splenda vs. Sugar Taste Test: Splenda vs. Sugar Introduction Americans are more health conscience now than they were decades ago which is why they are completely dedicated to finding ways to consistently reducing the caloric and sugar intake in their diets. As a result, many are focusing on the use of artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Because of this health conscience era, the use of Splenda, in particular is used in just about every food, drink, candy etc. Splenda, along with other artificial sugar product, is popular because it does not add any calories, but what makes Splenda stand apart from other sugar substitutes is its claim that it is made from sugar and taste exactly like sugar. Although widely accepted, there are those that prefers the use and taste of nothing but regular sugar because they do not like the tast of the artificial sugars on the market, however, although Splenda’s claim of being made from sugar and taste exactly like sugar, there are those that swear that they could taste the difference between the two. Purpose of Study The purpose of this blind taste test study is to reject a null hypothesis that states there is no obvious difference between two widely known sweeteners, sugar substitute Splenda and sugar. The end goal of this experiment is to prove that under the same circumstances, same use of product in both hot and cold liquids, there is not a difference between the tastes of these sweeteners. H0 – There is no difference in taste between Sugar and Splenda H1 - There is a difference in taste between Sugar and Splenda Method Because I personally use Splenda instead of sugar, I have knowledge of the differences that involves dissolving Splenda in liquid when using for cold liquids, such as ice tea, kool-aid, lemonade etc. I have learned that Splenda dissolves in liquid at different

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