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Splenda Rosalind Norwood DeVry University Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Professor Jennifer Frere September 16, 2012 Splenda was created to be an insecticide. In making the insecticide Shashikant Phadnis a chemist at Queen Elizabeth College in London and his advisor Leslie Hough created what they thought would be insecticide by combining sulfuryl chloride, which is a toxic chemical and added a sugar solution to it one drop at a time. This combination would create a crystalline powder that would be easy to spray over fields. The summer of 1975 Phadnis got the ok to test the powder. He mistakenly heard taste the powder. He tasted the powder and report back that it tastes sweet. After chastising Phadnis about tasting the powder without…show more content…
The study concludes it destroys beneficial intestinal bacteria. However Duke University has a lot of financial backing from the sugar industry. James Turner, chairman of citizens for health was shock an outraged by Dukes findings; He even states that the same study used to conduct the finding of obesity and side effects is the same study use to get the product approved from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. What we can conclude is there are still conflicting information out there in relations to artificial sweeteners and more studies will have to be done to conclude if splenda is safe, as well as if it contributes to obesity. REFERENCES: Answer Corporation (2012) How Safe is Splenda http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_safe_is_Splenda Bilger, Burkhart (May 2006) the History of Splenda the Best-Selling Artificial Sweetener in America http://www.laleva.org/eng/2006/12/the_history_of_splenda_the_bestselling_artificial_ sweetener_in_america.html Central Valley Bariatrics (March 9, 2009) Consumers Affairs, Splenda Contributes to Weight Gain http://www.dssurgery.com/newsletters/splenda-contributes-to-weight-gain.php McNeil Nutritionals, LLC (1996-2012) Splenda Truth, Your Health

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