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Obesity and School Lunches A debate has sprung up recently that stirs up strong feelings from the past, and challenges parenting methods of many Americans. The general health of the public has declined over the past decades, as the food we consume becomes more and more processed and our health declines, the youth and generations to follow suffer dearly. As a younger child, I hated seeing vegetables in the school lunches, now I go out of my way to find healthier choices. The epidemic of lack of healthy choices for lunch in our schools is becoming an atrocious situation, begging the question, should the government institute a plan for calories and monitor the health of food served in our cafeterias, regardless of financial situation. Food…show more content…
Instead of monitoring the calories of the meals they serve us, the plan should be to monitor chemical and the purity of the composition of ingredients. High fructose corn syrup is a chemically formed common alternative to sugar that is found in common drinks found in school cafeterias. Sugar is not only a healthier option (surprisingly) but it is also necessary and doesn’t have many health problems associated with it, while corn syrup is shown to destroy liver. However, the issue of the amount of money that it would take to institute such a healthy initiative plan, is mountainous. Instead, an easier alternative would be to educate people on the dangers and results of eating unhealthily as well as ensuring the process of making processed foods cost more than the healthier alternatives such as fruit and 100% juice products. The fact that lots of the unhealthy food that the population consumes simply because it is affordable, is one of the main causes for the lack of public health. Government involvement shouldn’t be necessary, but if it is, a plan should be instituted that would allow healthier options to be cheaper than the unhealthier alternatives that are more common. Also, the FDA should take a deeper look into the long lasting affects of the chemicals found in common foods such as soda

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