“Food Cops on the Prowl”

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Critical Analysis Essay “Food Cops on the Prowl” Obesity is one of the most serious problems of the childhood in the present. There are a lot of reasons to lead the obesity in young people. The article “Food Cops on the Prowl” pointed out the marketing of food companies is one of the important causes of childhood obesity. According to Pierce Hollingsworth (2004), there was so many causes lead to childhood obesity, not only the food marketing. He showed some causes of childhood obesity, and he thought that people should care more about the other causes. The aim of this essay is to analyze this article. First of all, the article was written by Pierce Hollingsworth who is the director of Stagnito Communications Inc. This company is a food, beverage, packaging and integrated marketing communications company, so he might give some biases about the food marketing. According to Pierce Hollingsworth (2004), the parents and school should not blame the food marketing for being the main cause of obesity rather than teaching and helping the kids to have good habit of eating. He thought that the responsibilities of the parents and schools were important for educating childhood obesity. However, there are so many problems with his arguments. He did not think about the bad effects of advertising on kids. For example, the food marketing companies usually uses the attractive poster about fast food to get the attention of the kids. Moreover, the author also used some kind of emotional language such as he said that banning the junk food is “misguided and ineffective”.He also tried to give more some reasons to demonstrate that food marketing is not a serious matter of childhood obesity. He said the young people prefer using the internet more than watching TV. In addition, the average number of ads also decreased from 18 in 1977 to 13 in 2003, but he was not right about it. In the
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