Battle Against Fast Food

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English Expository III September 15, 2011 Responsibility? In the article The Battle Against Fast Food begins at Home by Daniel Wientraub, he argues that it’s not the fast food industry or the video game manufactures that are at fault for children obesity, it is the parents who are at fault. Two arguments Wientraub made were, that parents are responsible for teaching their children good eating habits as well as good exercising habits. I agree with both those arguments. However the first argument he made which was that parents are in the best position to fight obesity , I disagree because parents don’t always know what their children are eating. Parents are not in the best position…show more content…
Parents are the ultimate authority when it comes down to what their children eat. Of course they can’t all always see what their children eat, but if they teach them healthy eating habits they’re less likely to go for the wrong food choice. (junk food) “encourage these kinds of simple polices in the home, they might make some progress against the purveyors of fat food and cholesterol.” (Wientraub paragraph 6) Parents tell their children what to eat from birth they might as well teach them healthy eating habits. Exercise should be an essential part of life. Parents should teach their children good exercise habits as well. Not like boot camp style exercise, but fun light hearted stuff. Like simply going on a bike ride in the afternoon every day, its exercise but fun at the same time. “Kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional changes, from running to catch a bus to studying for a test.” (Kids health article) There are many benefits to teaching a child the right exercising habits. So parents should start from an early age to teach them. So all in all Wientraub made some very good arguments. Like how he mentioned that parents should teach their children healthy eating and exercising habits. However I did disagree with his argument that stated that parents are in the best position to fight

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