Don't Blame The Eater

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As many people would recognize, there is a rising obesity problem in America and there are many influences that could contribute to this. Fast food is not the healthiest choice but, they should not be to blame for making children obese. In David Zinczenko’s “Don’t Blame the Eater” he talks about how the obese population is blaming fast food companies for their health situations. He begins his argument with what he observes as a ridiculous headline, which is that kids are suing McDonalds for being fat. David starts by teasing these overweight individuals that are bring a lawsuit against McDonalds, but then later admits that he used to be overweight as a child and was able to change his life around. He made a point to show health concerns with being obese and eating fast food regularly, such as type two diabetes which has risen about twenty-five percent since 1994. This raise in diabetes also requires much funding for the United States to spend to try to find a cure. David explains how there is very few alternatives for the youth of America because those health alternatives are more expensive and harder to find. False advertising is also another unpleasant practice that fast food companies use to lure in costumers. Some of these practices include no warning labels on advertisements like there are on dangerous things like tobacco and confusing labels on food served that lead customers into eating more calories than intended. David Zinczenko advocates that it is some of the fast food companies fault for the decline in America’s general health. At the end, David chooses not to complain about the legalities, but instead encourages us to let the justice system do its work. In the article David Zinczenko discusses “Shouldn't we know better than to eat two meals a day in fast-food restaurants” we the people of America should know by now that it is

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