Causes Of Obesity In Houston

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Childhood Obesity Epidemic Everybody is always talking about childhood obesity in the Houston. They say we feed our children junk food, and that they get very little playing time outside, but do you know that childhood obesity happens not only in the Houston but all over the United States? Even in some other countries. The childhood obesity rate has climbed in other cities such as St. Louis, Great Britain, Washington D.C, and Philadelphia. But the main question this paper will answer is, “What causes the childhood obesity rate to rise in these different cities and how can we prevent them?” As we know the main causes to obesity is lack of exercise or poor eating habits, but in these different cities those aren’t the only reasons that childhood…show more content…
So since they have low income they only thing they can do is go buy fast food. Arken and Houston also state more causes of obesity in the inner-city, “Obesity is determined by many factors (e.g inactivity, high-fat diet cultural preference)”(2).The culture the parents put their child in is basically by forced because of their living situation. With the low income it’s hard for the African American people to take their child to get health insurance, so they can’t receive advice from the medical establishment on how to prevent obesity. In, “Facing Up to Childhood Obesity” Phillips states the effects of inactivity in Great Britain. Arken and Houston do the same in Obesity in Inner-City African…show more content…
In other words parents need incorporate those fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates in their child’s meal and just like Dr.Courseault said they will become healthier and begin to see change in weight. Also, in this article Meal Times May Affect Weight Loss, it states the timing of when you eat your meal plays a huge role of anybody who gains weight. Dr. Wilson with explains that if you eat a large meal earlier during the day rather than eat it later you would lose more weight. He states “the doctors went to Spain and showed studies on how the timing of eating a large meal was the source of sluggish weight loss” (4).The reason why most people eat large meals late is because they missed breakfast or skipped lunch. Therefore, parents should make sure their child eats breakfast dinner and lunch and it should all be the same amount. You tie that in with eating healthy the child and parent shouldn’t see obesity as a problem in their

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