Are Colleges Worth The Higher Price Of Admission Essay

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Are Colleges worth the higher price of admission? Andrew Hacker & Claudia Dreifus Pages 179-190 This story talks about the higher education in America. Since a college tuition is the most expensive thing next to a mortgage families are wondering if its really worth the price, They believe by engaging the students and making college a more thoughtful place. Faculty should be paid equally and presidents large stipends for there job. By getting the students to use technology and share donation money with other less known schools. University of Mississippi went from being a very separated school to tripling African American enrollment with the feed of a liberal arts college. Notre Dame has a 13 to 1 teacher to student ratio & 10 hours a week labor for cost. There are many exceptional colleges that have not lost track of their goals.…show more content…
Started off an obese teen but changed his life around with the Marine Corps. There was a rise in diabetes from 5 % in 1994 to 30% today. There was an increase from 2.6 billion then, to 100 Billion now. It’s the lack of alternatives that lead to people choosing fast food places. Food served today does not come with proper warning labels. The food industry is marketing to a group of children and since there are no warnings, it will cause more problems. Problems like sickness, obesity, & litigious parents. Honestly the obesity problem in America wont is solved quickly. There is so much money to be made and for a fast food company to do something that would endanger their revenue is unlikely to happen. McDonald’s is similar to the tobacco company because they have the money to buy lawyers to defend themselves. Society will forever be plagued by poverty until someone takes a stand against the giant food companies. Hiding From Reality. Bob

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