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Personal Responsibility This article is titled “Don’t Blame the Eater” and is written by David Zinczenko. He writes about how the fast food industry takes advantage of the younger generations because of their ignorance and their lack of parental supervision. He talks about how he can sympathize with the fat people who are suing the fast food industries because he himself was obese as a child. He writes “By the age of 15, I had packed 212 pounds of torpid teenaged tallow on my once lanky 5-foot-10 frame.” He blames the fast food industry for the weight he obtained while he was young complaining about the lack of choices he had. He argues that kids, especially teenagers, have no other alternative claiming…show more content…
He insists they would not eat as much if they knew that it was bad for them or if the industry put nutrition labels on their food. My outlook on this topic varied significantly from that of Zinczenko’s. I feel that it is not the fault of the fast food company. Neither would I put blame on the younger children who eat fast food. I would put most of the culpability on the parents who do not teach their kids how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and buy their children unhealthy food. I disagree completely that we as Americans suffer from lack of information about nutrition in fast food. Every capable adult knows that eating anything in a fast food restaurant is bad for you. They need to stop being lazy and letting their kids eat fast food frequently, especially if their kids are not very active. It is the responsibility of the parents to feed their kids three healthy meals a day and to make sure that they are maintaining a healthy diet. I do not believe that if fast food industries started putting nutrition labels on their food that it would have a significant difference on the amount of food that people eat. Zinczenko implies that finding a grapefruit is something extremely difficult. It may be harder than finding a McDonalds but if one puts

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