A Summary of Shooting an Elephant

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In his essay, “Don’t Blame the Eater” (They Say / I Say, Third Edition, 2014), David Zinczenko claims that the lack of information and healthier food options in the fast food industry are causing an outbreak in childhood obesity in todays society. He uses his own personal experiences with fast food and he lays out certain statistics to cater his thesis. David grabs the audience right away within his first paragraph by using a counter argument and then begins to describe his personal experience with fast food as a child. He shares his childhood experience by saying that living in a single parent household steered him in the direction of fast food like McDonalds and Taco Bell because there was no healthier alternatives (241). David continues on by giving some statistical evidence that the incidents of childhood diabetes is quickly escalating as well as the cost of related health care in America. The author asserts the fact that one could drive down any road and find a fast food restaurant but it wouldn't be the same if one were trying to find a healthier alternative like fruits or vegetables. David argues that the lack of information on what we’re consuming is also a main factor. He claims that the serving sizes are so misleading that it leaves the consumer confused and misinformed. He shows that one could go over the government’s recommended daily calorie intake and they would never know. Zinczenko indirectly warns the fast-food companies that without the proper nutritional information, they will quickly find themselves under the microscope of the government and the people they

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