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Synthesis Paper English 101 "I'll Have a Number Nine Hold the Lettuce" Over 99 billion served; a number that can easily show why America is the most obese country in the world! Americans cannot resist the golden arch and all of its delicious, not to mention unhealthy choices for food. But who is to blame for this travesty of Americans being obese? Is it the McDonalds corporation responsibility, or does that responsibility all in the customer's hands? McDonalds is solely a business making a dollar, but people have the choice whether to cram their faces with fast food on a daily basis. Yes, McDonalds does make appealing advertisements, but what business doesn't? Americans need to make alternative food choices and abandon McDonalds to…show more content…
The video outlined the effects of people choosing to eat unhealthy foods, and how even Bittman falls into this group. He starts his presentation by going about 100 years back in time and showing how people truly worked the land, and made a living(food wise) for themselves. As the years progressed less people farmed their own food and more reliant on large corporations to process their food and sell in supermarkets, and even fast food restaurants. Bittman's main argument throughout the presentation was to make healthier eating choices, and to even change the way you think about what is going into your own body. This was the bulk of the presentation. His first point was about how Americans eat unhealthy everyday and its no surprise that we are the most obese country. One quote supporting was, "People in this country eat eight times the amount of meat they are supposed to". A point connecting the unhealthy eating also links to the animal cruelty and factory farms. Since Americans eat so much meat and demand so much of it, "10,000,000,000 animals are killed per year". The first quote is dazzling because that is way too much meat as it is unhealthy and just shows how obese this country truly is. The number of animals killed per year is ridiculous. Bittman's third piece of evidence was about how all of this can connect to environmental damage. Bittman explained "18 percent of greenhouse gasses are created…show more content…
After all, "McDonalds is a publicly traded capitalist venture. Its function is to earn as much as it can buy by offering people a product they want. Perhaps you hate that notion. Well, go ahead and hate it. Hate it hard. But don't blame McDonalds because you can't control your own life"(Klosterman). Klosterman nailed it with this point because people in the end make the choice to eat the food, or to not eat the food, simply put. Corporation and higher ranking business men could care less about the customers that enter and eat the food, only the money exiting their pocket and entering the McDonalds cash register. Yes, eating a whole new diet and getting away from fast food can be difficult, but Klosterman sums life up by saying "staying alive is hard", and it truly is with all the disease in the

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