Dont Blame The Eater

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In his article “Don't Blame the Eater” David Zinczenko has pointed out that all the fast food industries are the one responsible for making the children's in America fat and unhealthy. Zinczenko believes that the fast food centers aren't providing any kind of warnings about the effects and extra calories that a fast food can cause, instead they are eager to supply their so called “cheap and tasty fast food”. When he was young he had no choice except for eating at fast food centers as his mother was busy earning money to pay the bills because of which he ended up overweight. According to my view, I believe that it isn't the fast food industries who are to be blamed, it is the parents. Eventhough nowadays all the parents have to work long hours to earn their living but still they shouldn't forget their responsibility towards their children. Cooking food at home isn't a hard job, you can cook food before you leave for your job so that your children doesn't have to run into a fast food restaurant only because he or she doesn't have any option. Furthermore you can buy fruits and vegetables make salads and keep it in front of the table so that your children can see it and then eat it. From my stamp point, the fast food industries are doing their own job by providing cheap fast foods for those people who work long hours and don't get time to cook anything. In the article “Don't Blame the Eater” the author David Zinczenko blames the fast food industries by accusing that the fast food centers are the one causing obesity in small and young children's. He claims that the fast food industries aren't providing any kind of warnings because of which children's are consuming excessive fats and gaining weight day by day and resulting into this disease called “overweight”. In my opinion, however it isn't the fast food industries that makes a person fat, it is just a genuine
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