Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

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"Hundreds of millions of people buy fast food every day without giving it much thought, unaware of the subtle and not so subtle ramifications of their purchase" (Pg. 10). The widespread phenomenon of fast food consumption has transformed even the simplest aspects of everyday life. An era when eating out was rare and saved for special occasions is coming to an end, and is quickly being replaced with a sky-rocketing demand for fast food. Over time, the fast food industry has increasingly manipulated consumers and corrupted the stability of the nation, and although the convenience and affordability of fast food has made it widely popular, the disadvantages noticeably exceed the benefits. In Eric Schlosser's non-fiction novel, Fast Food Nation,…show more content…
Going through a drive-through is much more effective than sitting down at a restaurant or preparing meals at home. For the average working class family living life on the go, it can save a lot of time and money. Also, the industry itself creates and perpetuates millions of jobs for the economy (often with low wages and poor benefits). The most common reason people continue to eat fast food, despite their knowledge of the negative effects, is the simple fact that it tastes good. The addictive and yet fattening qualities associated with fast food leave people constantly craving one more bite. However, Schlosser makes a decent point in the epilogue section of his book when he states that under no circumstances is anyone actually forced to purchase and consume fast food products and those who desire change should simply "stop buying it" (Pg. 269). No matter how many excuses the fast food industry or average consumer comes up with, consuming fast food is just not worth the endless list of consequences…show more content…
Consuming fast food is not good for anyone involved. It causes extreme health concerns including a higher risk in disease and acquiring diabetes due to poor nutrition and sanitation in the products. Fast food is also responsible for a decline in the United States’ reputation and even harms the budgets for child public education. It is nearly impossible to defend the fast food industries and all of the horrible consequences involved with consuming fast food after reading the argument Schlosser presented in Fast Food Nation. Fast food consumption is continuing to completely destroy the nation’s economy and spread disease-causing bacteria all over the world. So the next time someone goes to reach for that cheap and greasy cheeseburger, they should ask themselves this; is a mere six-hundred calorie meal more valuable than preserving the country for future

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