Are Fast Food Corporations To Blame For America's Obesity?

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Corporations make us fat Many people claim that it is personal responsibility of what you eat, however fast food corporations and their marketing strategies make it almost impossible to say no. From childhood we are conditioned to grab a large combo meal on our way home instead of going to the grocery store then cooking it ourselves. The ease, convenience, and the cheap prices make it all too easy for consumers. Corporations are to blame for America’s obesity problems because of their lack of nutritional information available to consumers, their lack of alternatives, and their brand recognition and advertisements addicting us from childhood. There is no calorie information posted in any fast food restaurant. Many corporations now have their…show more content…
McDonald’s uses a clown and playgrounds to attract children to their restaurant, serving their happy meals as presents with toys. Eric Schlosser whose article explains the marketing of children says, research shows that “a person’s “brand loyalty” may begin as early as the age of two. Indeed, market research has found that children often recognize a brand logo before they can recognize their own name (Schlosser, 190). So if from childhood we are conditioned and aimed at by marketing advertisements can we ever break free? Food can be an addiction and with fast food corporations literally telling us to eat their food how can we resist? They know we cannot and therefore reap in the cash slowly killing every one of their consumers, but do not worry they are already conditioning a new generation of cheeseburger, french-fry eating consumers to take your place once you have died from a heart…show more content…
It is ultimately up to the consumer to make the decision of what to put into their bodies. Without a healthy alternative, little to no nutritional information, and the ease and convenience of fast food why would we choose anything else? The fact is that we have been conditioned as children to eat fast food. We also see the ease of a drive trough and think of it as a great convenience to the alternative of cooking for you at home. American’s are always on the go and fast food corporations have exploited that fact to the extreme. People may claim that it is personal responsibility that decides what you eat, but the way we are raised and the advertisements we see ultimately decides what we eat. American’s are always looking for something cheap, easy and fast, fast food corporations know this and exploit their consumers even if it does mean killing them with each

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