Fast Food Whos To Blame?

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Fast Foods: Who's to Blame? Many people who consume junk food are blaming fast food restaurants for their obesity and the decisions they make. Shouldn't this be the consumer's responsibility? Or should fast food restaurants have to deal with the decisions the consumers make? The article, "The battle against fast food begins in the home" by Daniel Weintraub, explains how people are blaming McDonalds and other fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut for their obesity. The author disagrees with the blaming that people are doing. I also disagree. People are blaming and sueing the fast food restaurants for the decision they have made of being unhealthy. They are making comments such as, "The problem of obesity is so staggering, so out of control, that we have to do something." There is something this person can do to fix this problem of obesity. This person can stop blaming the restaurants, stop eating at the restaurants, start making healthy decisions, and exercise. If not, then this person can keep making the decision of eating there and getting fat, but not sue the restaurant because this is a decision he has made. Fast food restaurants dont force the clients to buy and eat there. There are comments that people make and say that fast food restaurants should carry warning labels like the ones for tobacco and alcohol. I disagree, people should know what's right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. It is their responsibility, just like Mitch Jordan from Sacramento, California said, "Eat a lot, do nothing, and get fat. Eat a lot, exercise a lot, and stay healthy. You dont need a warning label to tell you." People have noone to blame but themselves. We all make our decisions, just like if we were buying a car, you wouldnt blame a car manufacturer for producing cars that go in excess of legal

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