Goodbye Obesity Rhetorical Analysis

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Goodbye Obesity I am just another person in this vast world. I am a college student that goes to lunch at the cafeteria. It is just another day for an average student. People are eating all sorts of different kinds of food. I am just eating with a bunch of my friends just laughing and having a good time. In one flash the topic of hunting changes instantly when a person who is slightly overweight walks past us. In that instance we look at the individual who is walking by. I think to myself that every day we see people who are overweight and it comes to the question of how could this become? Pondering on my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that some of this has to be because of the fact that the cafeteria serves unhealthy food for the students. Another factor is that the cafeteria is set up in a way to be a buffet. This makes people go back for seconds, thirds, and even sometimes fourths. This is an astonishing fact that the food served could be processed deep fat fried chicken or even just plain old burgers. The fact of the matter is that this becomes a daunting way of how people become overweight. Also there is always dessert. This ranges into ice…show more content…
He used such an passionate tone with his speech. His tone was of concern and worries that if the world didn’t change their thought process of eating healthy that obesity would get worse and worse. He points out in his speech that heart disease is number one on the charts due to obesity. Homicide is in last. This point that he made is astonishing and very concerning. A lot of this is blamed on the fast food industry. People believe that all of this is due to eating fast food. This is in fact true. People would rather not waste the time in cooking a home cooked meal. They would rather eat fast and ready food packed with calories. I am on his side in this situation. I am on his side because I see an overwhelming amount of overweight people in the

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