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In the article, “Don’t the Blame Eater”, David Zinczenko believes that the fast food industry is the main cause of obesity. Some years before 1994, children with diabetes were most commonly associated with genetic disorders. Since then, the cost of healthcare has peeked. Fast food may be the only option for children to get an affordable meal. Fast food restaurants often give false perceptions of their foods. In recent years, people have actually launched lawsuits to fast food restaurants because they are vulnerable. Zinczenko’s article as a whole shows how fast food has affected our society. Some of his main points are influential, but as a whole I disagree on some things because fast food is not the main cause of obesity. I agree with Zinczenko on his critical viewpoint on how he looks at the fast food industry. Fast food is part of the blame because most of them are not healthy and are bad for consumers. The calories of a Big Mac, medium fry, and a medium Coke are almost equivalent to the daily intake of these industry’s consumers. Zinczenko uses the analogy of a simple salad we would assume is healthy. Our fast food industry needs to provide these nutritional facts in easy reach for their customers. Some fast food…show more content…
Our society’s obesity problem has some personal responsibility. There are other ways people can obtain healthier foods; cooking your own meals is an excellent alternative. Some think that fast food is inexpensive in which catches the public’s eye. In fact, cooking meals at home is a lot cheaper; consumers can grow their own food. Another factor of obesity can also be linked to parental responsibility. Parents may seem too busy at times to cook healthy meals for their kids; instead they choose the easy way out and go through the drive through for their unhealthy dinner. There are better options besides fast

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