Are Only Fast-Food Shops Caused The Problem Of Obe Essay

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In lots of developed countries, obesity is one of the main diseases of causing high rated of death. Due to lots of citizens eat fast food as their breakfast, lunch or dinner. In United States, a few citizens are trying to sue some famous fast-food shops, for example, McDonald, as they think these fast-food shops motived them be suffering from obesity. Is problem of obesity being raised only by fast-food shops or the society also has a little bit of response of this problem? At United States of America, nearly 40% of adults are having obesity problem. Due to United States of America, is having the most number of fast-food shops at the world. McDonalds, KFC, Burger Kings, etc are some famous fast-food shops which base at United States. In the film, “Super-Size Me” (2004) mentions that mostly Americans’ workers are going to buy fast-food meals as their lunch or dinner and they bought super-size meals as the shopkeeper had asked them to buy the biggest size of the meal and the price of upgrading the size is very cheap. In 2006, McDonalds’ revenue is above 20 billion U.S. Dollars just only at United States of America (McDonald’s Corporation 2007). From the revenue information, we can find out that Americans are really loved to eat fast-food. And this is causing adult obesity problem. In addition, the size of fast-food meals at United State of America is increasing and the super-size meal is very horrible. Just as McDonald’s super-size meal is 4 times bigger than the original size meal. And just paying by 1 U.S. dollar more, then people can enjoy the super-size meal and 4 times bigger amount of French fries and soft drinks. Therefore, people choose to buy the super-size meal as these shop-keepers ask them to do so. However, America’s people just walk about 4 to 5 miles per day (Super-Size Me 2004). They seems do not like to do sports and one point of causing

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