Fast Food vs. Consumers

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I do not agree with David Zinczenko opinion. In his article, “Don’t Blame the Eater” he starts with comparing the suing of McDonald for making them fat with suing of Porsche for making them gets a speeding ticket. Then goes on say that the “Eater” cannot be blamed for what is happening to them. There are many reasons why companies cannot be blamed, and even some of the evidence against the companies has flaws in them. If the blame is to be pointed at someone it would have to be the consumer. One reason is that people are not forced to eat these foods. They do not point a gun to our head and demand we eat a half pound burger, a bucket of fries, and a big soda enough to last a whole day. They know it is bad just do not want to make their own food, so they blame companies. Another reason is we have a choice on what we eat on a daily bases. We need to take responsibility by saying that it is truly our fault. We can prepare a nice meal the day before for the next day, or take the time to make a sandwich which is quick to make, healthier than fast food, cheap, and taste great. Along with all these reasons there are more against the consumer. On the consumers side they have plenty of arguments. For example, they say we do not know how much enough is. We cannot know how many calories are in each item. Like Zinczenko said, “There are no calorie information charts on fast-food packaging the way there are on grocery items” (7). Another example is that fast food is unhealthy, how would we suppose to know this. Zinczenko also agrees by saying, “Advertisements don’t carry warning labels the way tobacco ads do” (7). So are we suppose to assume that fast food is unhealthy, that does not make sense at all. These are some of the arguments made by consumers. Although the consumers’ arguments are convincing they have their flaws. First, the nutritional facts are there for us.
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