Getting Big, Fast

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Getting Big, Fast In this world of consumers, certain things will always be necessities; a few of these things include acquiring, distributing and consuming food. Finding new ways to make these things possible has been researched since the beginning of mankind. In today’s fast paced world, the need to provide food in a quick and orderly fashion has become ever more important. To solve this problem, Americans have discovered that an assembly line of food products ending in a paper bag is the easiest and fastest way to get food into the hands of hungry people. This concept, called fast food, may help people to get their food faster and cheaper, but it also introduces many other problems. In this playful depiction of Ronald McDonald rocking with kids, McDonald's uses their manipulative clown mascot to grab the attention of hungry children, in turn, putting the youth in the driver’s seat to a fast and turbulent track to obesity. Fast food has advanced so much over the past fifty years. It has become a massive conglomerate and a staple for the world population. The problem with this operation is, in order to attract enough customers, the final product must be affordable and yet, still delicious. This brings up many problems with the dietary quality of the food produced by fast food restaurants. The food is often cooked in grease and oils which increases the amount of calories and fat grams per serving. With less home cooked meals on the plate and more foil wrapped sandwiches and fries hitting the table, people’s diets are being neglected of their basic necessities. However, fast food companies are managing to keep their drive-thrus filled by spending millions of dollars on advertisements. TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements, along with billboards and coupons, are some of the methods that fast food conglomerates use to keep their

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