The Effects of Fast Food in America

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Jyoron Cogdell English 101 Professor Reeves November 26, 2014 Like a cancer slowly working its way deep into the body’s systems, fast food, throughout time has gradually embedded itself into the heart of our society increasing its correlation with the poor. It does nothing but damage its host. Fast food is affecting our nation's health, finances, and the development of our children. Like cancer, the damage is usually unrecognizable until it has significantly progressed. Thus, the earlier people recognize the damage fast food is doing to our society, the easier it will be to reverse its harm. There are endless accusations that fast food and its effect on our society is the sole cause of many problems within the U.S. Fingers are pointing at the large fast food companies, but can they be proven guilty? The answer is no, and this can be proven within many lawsuits against companies such as McDonalds and taco bell. They all end up in the same ruling that its the consumers choice to enter a fast food establishment and consume their products. But it is evident that fast food corporations have caused a widespread epidemic within the U.S from their many caused negative effects. This is why society blames and accuses these fast food companies for being responsible for the ongoing obesity crisis, but even though their food is not considered of good nutrition, in the end it’s not fast food companies forcing their customers to consume their products, its free will of society. The modern history of fast food in America began on July 7, 1912 with the opening of a fast food restaurant called the Automat in New York. The Automat was a cafeteria with its prepared foods behind small glass windows and coin-operated slots. Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart had already opened an Automat in Philadelphia, but their “Automat” at Broadway and 13th Street,

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