You Do Blame The Eater

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Dara Pierre English 101-IN Why not blame the eater?? There is an inherent responsibility that each of us to undertake and making healthy food choices is one of them. In David Zinczenko’s article “Don’ Blame the Eater”, published in the New York Times, he argues that fast food vendors are responsible for the growth of obesity and diabetics in young adults. He contends that fast food vendors like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bells and Pizza Hut are really the only options for young adults that are affordable. Consumer’s are responsible for their selection in foods and if they chose to consue products that give no nutritional information that is on them. Zinczenko argues that lack of information given to the consumers about the food they are consuming is grounds to file lawsuits against the fast food vendors. Though there is truth to Mr. Zinczenko’s arguments, I disagree, with placing the blame on the fast food supplier’s. Consumer are responsible for . As far as healthier affordable alternatives, you pass just as many Subways, Jimmy Johns or Panera’s as you would a McDonalds. In this essay I will attempt to counter Zinczenko’s arguments by providing other alternatives for individuals who desire to eat healthier, explain why I feel filing a lawsuit against the vendors is really a way to place blame where it isn’t due. I will explain that Zinczenko bases his arguments based on his own personal situation and not sources such as surveys or polls. In conclusion I hope to explain how people themselves are to blame for their obesity. I will show how you do blame the Eater!! Yes, it is simple for one to go to McDonalds and pick up a dollar burger and fry with a small coke and head home. How about even a chicken sandwich and a diet coke? No one has the time to prepare a healthy home cook meal anymore. More and more young adults are visiting

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