Childhood Obesity: Who Is To Blame?

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Cont. Comp. Who is To Blame? Obesity is an excess proportion of total body fat. A person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight and as fast food companies grow, so does America's rise in obesity. Fast food restaurants have more than doubled from 1972-1995. Popularity contributes to a company’s growth which shows that more and more people are eating unhealthy foods more often. An estimated 10% of America's energy intake is from fast foods in 2004, opposed to 2% in the 1970's. The calorie intake is one tenth of the daily food intake for the average American showing that unhealthy food is becoming a trend. Current food and beverage marketing puts kids at health risks. The consumption of unhealthy food is corrupting America's youth. The growth of companies and unhealthy foods popularity is proving to be the demise of America's health. But who is to really blame for the rise of childhood obesity in America?…show more content…
Like Weintrub says in his article “None of the…Ideas are likely to do much good until parents understand their role in fighting the problem” Which states that parents need to understand that its not up to other people, like McDonald’s sellers to prevent their kids from obesity. Parents allow their kids to keep eating junk food, or fatty foods, then start blaming fast food restaurants saying that its their fault that their kids are fat, when in fact its their own. Buying all their kids all that fat food, even though it’s cheap, is the reason the kids end up

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