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Leo Yang Period 2 10/25/12 California Lunch Policy It is hard to kick old habits. For example, smoking is bad for person’s health but since people started to smoke, it is hard to stop smoking even though they realized it is bad for their health. To quit smoking, people have to figure out what to do first, then you have to do it step by step. It is impossible to kick old habits immediately. The current California lunch policy is not effective in changing student perspectives about nutrition and health. The current California lunch policy is not effective in some reasons. First kids will just bring their own lunches because it is hard to get rid of old habits, eating junk food. “After California government changed their policy of lunch system, students in Sonora High School bring their own lunches and they are even worse food than other junk food they used to sell. Inside of students bag, There werebag of Hot Cheetos and Doritos. Also kids do not have that much money to buy expensive healthy food and want to eat tasty food with cheep prices. They would not let California lunch policy to eat healthier food because it is forcing students to spend more money and instead of that, students will bring their own food. Therefore California should keep its old regime instead of changing California lunch policy.…show more content…
Instead of having a healthier food, it would be expensive and not tasty s good as the junk food. Students do not have that much money so that they would not buy any food from the school if the lunch policy is changed. Some students in Los Angeles Baptist High School are concerning about not having that much money. Therefore, students will bring their own food instead of buying food from the school because it is expensive and not tasty as good as the junk food because junk foods are including a lot of sugars and salts. But healthier foods are not. California should rather keep the old lunch

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