Fast Food Nation Thesis

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College Writing America has become a “Fast Food nation”, which is what Eric Schlosser, author of the book Fast Food Nation, calls it. Why does he call it this you ask? American has known a hamburger and fries as the “American meal” ever since the early 1920s when White Castle was founded. The McDonald brothers opened their redesigned restaurant in 1948, and several fast-food chains that exist today opened soon after. Burger King and Taco Bell started in the 1950s, and Wendy's opened in 1969. Some chains, like Carl's Jr., KFC and Jack in the Box, existed before the Speedee Service System, but modified their cooking techniques after. McDonald's, which started it all, is now the world's largest fast-food chain. According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2005, sales of…show more content…
People don’t realize what they are doing for our future generations. Because of how fast food companies are targeting younger children, they are setting up their minds to automatically want fast food. In some minds this is repulsive in others its just another way to make a lump of money. Our world is changing very quickly and fast food restaurants are popping up faster than the flowers in spring. Americans are becoming comfortable with fast food and unhealthy choices. They have become too lazy to work off their bad choices in food so the effects keep adding up inside their body causing obesity. Obesity is the condition of being very fat or overweight. This is caused by the over consumption of food by many people. Most of us don’t have what we call, portion control, so we eat until we feel full causing our stomach to expand. Our nation is becoming more and more sick. Obesity is now one of the main reasons for deaths from diabetes, heart disease, strokes, certain types of cancer, and increased widespread of osteoarthritis years down the

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