The Two Main Causes Of Obesity In America

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1. * The two main causes of obesity in America are fast food and lack of exercise. Fast food contains extremely high levels of fat, calories and carbohydrates that your body doesn't need. As portion sizes at these establishments have risen, so has the caloric intake for those who eat there regularly. Another major cause for obesity in America is lack of exercise. As work, school, television and video games have started taking up more time in the day, exercise and spending time outdoors as been squeezed out. Schools have taken physicaleducation courses out of the required curriculum. Exercise is not a priority for many American adults. * Other Reasons * Getting too little sleep can increase your body weight. As Americans…show more content…
Childhood obesity rates have increased three-fold since 1980, as the Trust for America's Health (2009) reports. Diseases once seen infrequently in children, such as type 2 diabetes, are now disturbingly common. As overweight children age, it is feared they will develop serious health conditions earlier in life than those who maintained healthy body weights. Combating Obesity In America Fortunately, obesity is not irreversible. Changes in eating habits and exercising often result in weight loss, and even a modest decrease in weight reduces the risk of obesity-related disorders. Changes in lifestyle and eating habits are often the first treatments for obesity. Should lifestyle changes fail, obese individuals may make use of medical solutions, such as surgery and medication. Obesity in America is a serious issue, but one that individuals can control if they know what causes obesity. Fast foods are contributing to obesity in America. Highly available and affordable, they may seem attractive to anyone hoping to save time and money, but ultimately fast foods slow you down. They offer too many easy calories and unhealthful ingredients that contribute to being…show more content…
People over-eat not because they lack self control, but because they've been told to eat a diet that promotes hunger. Similarly, the unwillingness of most Americans to exercise is not just due to laziness. One of the results of the cellular starvation described above is a massive decrease in energy levels. Parents certainly don't always feed their children healthy foods, but even when they feed them expert-approved diets, they are still giving their children foods that will eventually make them

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