What Is Obesity In America Essay

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The obesity rate in the United States is a staggering 33 percent of the country being obese. According to NationMaster, that is up from 30 percent in 2005. With the increase in technology and convenient unhealthy foods, the percentage is only expected to rise in the future. There are many factors that contribute to obesity. Some are uncontrollable, like genetics, and some are, such as choosing to eat the cupcake instead of the fiber bar. That is the funny thing: the high obesity rate can be lowered and maintained just by making healthier choices every day. Many of our lifestyle choices lead to us being overweight and obese, but that can easily change; as America continue to ignore the obesity rate, many of us are dying each day from this disease called diabetes. Because our lifestyle choices affect our weight, our health, and the chances of us becoming obese, we can reduce that by balancing our energy, having a more active lifestyle, eating a healthy diet, changing our environment, and getting more sleep. One of the main reasons of obesity is the lack of energy balance, meaning that the amount of food you eat is the right amount to manage your weight. It also means that you burn the same amount of calories that you take in to maintain your weight, if…show more content…
Of course, you have to exercise and make sure that you are eating enough calories for your weight. Eating the recommended amount of servings from each of the basic food groups is best. Having a diet that's high in calories, eating fast food, skipping breakfast, eating most of your calories at night, drinking high-calorie beverages and eating oversized portions, which has become a fashion for many Americans, all contribute to weight gain. Not only does it contribute to weight gain, but it also contributes to health problems such as high cholesterol and clogged arteries; both could lead to a stroke, heart attack, and death if it is bad

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