Obesity In America Analysis

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Why are 2/3 of American people overweight or obese? Won Woo Jung February 7th 2013 Mr. Duncan DUSH Obesity rates has been increasing since the 1970’s and by 2030 the rate of obesity among the American population is expected to rise to 42% by 2030.1 Estimates suggest that obesity has been causing negative health for obese people and it continues to be one of the most leading public health problem in the United States. Some Americans seek to improve their diet and their habits to lose weight, however some Americans is expected to grow much worse. Rick’s story tells how obesity is a negative cause for health and he shares his story by saying how he was overweight, tired, lazy and the only way to get rid of his weight was by doing medical…show more content…
Work now in America has grown changed from working on a farm or in a factory and has been replaced by desks and computers. Since jobs are changing and technology is increasing rapidly, workers are now getting more lazier as they only work in front of a computer. Also without exercise stamina would not be improved and bones will get weaker. Stamina is important to maintain so that the heart rate and breathing rate will remain healthy, instead of unhealthy. Another important fact to know is that exercise is the major impact for losing/controlling weight. Exercise is needed for obese people so that they can burn their calories from foods consumed. The fact is, in order to lose weight, one must lose more calories than the calories taken in. 10 The more sleep one gets, less weight is gained, however the less sleep one gets, more weight is gained. Sleepiness can prevent people from exercising and can cause to use less energy. Experts say that “seven to nine hours of sleep is a good goal”, anything below seven hours will increase weight.11 When a person is sleeping, this actually makes that person burn small amounts of calories. Sleeping is needed to make energy but at the same time small amounts of energy is being used. When stress is gained, it is not easy to release it, but one of the ways to release stress is to either participate in activities or eat. As mentioned before majority of the jobs in America now use computers as their source of work and this has impacted the way people

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