Maintaining Wellness Essay

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Maintaining Wellness Submitted by: Demitria Brown 10May2013 Maintaining Wellness is important when wanting a higher quality of life.When a person's wellness is increased, so is the ability to be productive in all phases of life such as your home, work, school, and relationships. Maintaining Wellness is essential in your life that consists of managing stress, nutrition and weight management, and sexual health. Managing Stress When you manage stress, there are certain ways you can help control it. One way is to manage your diet and you also can exercise. Another ways is to manage your sleeping habits. The last way is taking control over certain situations. I believe these ways are effective, because when I’?m stressed I try to exercise and I also try to get enough sleep to feel relaxed when I wake up. There is a clear connection between what you eat and drink, overall health and well-being, and stress. Eating a lot of junk food will add pounds to your body and reduce your energy level (Barefoot & Gardner, 2012). Eating junk food lowers your energy level and caffeine makes you tired later. Exercise is an excellent stress-management technique, the best way to stay fit, and a critical element of any worthwhile weight loss program (Barefoot & Gardner, 2012). I agree with this statement because when I get stressed, I go play basketball for a while, and afterwards I feel better. Getting adequate sleep is another way to protect yourself from stress (Barefoot & Gardner, 2012). Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety, depression, and academic struggles. Sleeping good helps you relax and it also helps you study better. When I was in grammar school, my mother would make me go to bed earlier during ISAT testing. I always eat breakfast before I went to school, and I think that helped me focus better throughout the day. When you don’?t sleep well your blood pressure
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