Casual Analysis Of Obesity In America

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Enc. 1101 Casual Analysis on Obesity in America Obesity in America is an ongoing concern that is relevant to everyone. “Obesity’s prevalence has risen steadily in both adults and children for the past several decades and is recognized as a serious, unremitting public health concern by virtually every major body concerned with public health including the National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization” (Allison, Cope). Americans are becoming more obese due to laziness and lack of exercise. Not only are Americans lacking to stay fit, they tend to over eat as opposed to watching their dieting and serving sizes.…show more content…
In today’s society most entertainment involves technology which requires very little or no physical moment; therefore, Americans are not engaging in physical activities. According to the author” weight gain occurs when individuals, for whatever reason, overeat and/or under exercise” (Shepherd). A person should be getting at least 30 minutes or more of physical activities daily. Another cause of obesity due to laziness is the lack of cooking “home cooked” meals because it usually causes Americans to pick up quick snack (ex. Chips, candy, etc) and fast food. It is very convenient to go through a drive through, call for takeout, or lounge in a restaurant. But what is not realized are the harmful starches and calories being put into their body that in the long-run will have negative effects on the person’s health. Therefore, if Americans became more proactive, and increased their physical exercise, the risk of obesity would…show more content…
Many people may not realize the seriousness or negative effects of obesity, however, the obesity can create many health problems in the long run and you can take simple steps to avoiding the extra calories and weight. Whether if it’s engaging in a physical activity instead of staying home and playing a game console, eating more fruits to create a balanced diet instead of going through a drive through, or even cooking more at home to avoid buying a greater amount of processed foods, this will all be small steps to creating a healthier lifestyle. Americans must become aware of the dangers of obesity and work together to get the world back to a healthier

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