Short Term Effects Of Obesity In The United States

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Throughout history many humans have been affected by obesity. Obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass. Obesity affects everyone in the world, but mainly in America. People in the United States tend to be more overweight than anyone else throughout the world. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than one third of Americans are obese. Many people may ask why it matters if they are obese if they feel fine or healthy. The truth is that obesity affects everyone in many different ways. One of the main reasons is that obesity related conditions can lead to death. Death can not only affect the victim, but also family members and friends. Obesity affects many people, but there are many solutions for it, all that is required is the initiative to help oneself.…show more content…
Approximately one third of American adults were believed to be obese in 2013. Obesity has many different effects, some are short term and others are long term, but all are negative. Some short term effects are that risk factors for cardiovascular disease immediately increase, which is known as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This can also be a long term effect because it affects young people when they get older. Obesity can also cause diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, respiratory problems, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and psychosocial effects. Many Americans are aware that obesity is bad for you, but most don’t realize how bad it really is. According to a New York Times article, obesity related conditions cost over 150 billion dollars a year. It doesn’t only hurt your health, but it also hurts you
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