Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Essay

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Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Essay I have recently taken the chronic disease risk assessment on our school website on diabetes. After completing the assessment and reading the assessment I was given some pretty good pointers about the situation we put our body in from bad eating habits. Diabetes being a high risk factors for anyone who is overweight or anyone who may have this terrible disease that has plagued people over the last few years. And I do mean plagued, it seems as obesity rises in percentages that so does diabetes. There are two different types of diabetes that the world population deals and suffers with. These types are named after those numbers. Type one, and type two, are how they are classified. In type one diabetes the pancreas is an internal organ in which creates something called insulin. Insulin is a necessity for the body to have in order to change the sugar that you take into energy. Without insulin the sugar will remain unconverted and overload in the body causing extreme health issues and even death. This type of diabetes comes from the simple inability for your pancreas to do the job it was created to do, which is to create this hormone that is desperately needed in our everyday bodily functions. This type of diabetes can be treated by insulin being injected into our systems on a daily basis which does the same function as the not working pancreas. Type two diabetes, is a condition which is more common in the world today and is also known as hyperglycemia. This condition is a condition in the human body in which your glucose (sugar) levels rise higher than normal. This condition can be caused by our poor eating habits, being overweight, not enough exercise. Type two diabetes; I feel is more common do to the obesity rate in the world today. I have numerous family members that suffer from this disease and all of them are

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